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SKR TECHNOLOGY as a professional manufacturer of plastic machinery with 20 years experience, mainly produce Disposable Food Box Making Machine,Vacuum Forming Machine,PVC/PE/PPR pipe, profile extrusion machines, and auxiliary machines.

Our machines are exported to many countries mainly in Middle East, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and so on. We believe in “focus makes professional”, our manufacturing process follows strict management and effective quality control. High quality products have made us to obtain high praise from our customers and maintain long-term friendly cooperation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our products, it will be our pleasure to assist you.

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First-class automated production equipment

We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001, CE guidelines and our stringent quality control system.

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SKR Technology a renowned plastic machinery manufacturer and exporter

Granules machines, Box making machine, plastic making machines Summary: The following press release provides brief information about SKR Technology which offer box making machines. SKR Technology has 20 years of professional experience manufacturing highly efficient disposable: Food box-making machines Granules machines Vacuum forming machines Profile extrusion machines Auxiliary machines And many more. Our skilled workers have years of production experience in this industry, which has helped us become one of the leading producers and exporters. Offering the best quality to the customers is our primary goal, and for this, we follow strict rules to maintain domestic and international standards. Our products and quality control system are ISO 9001 and CE guidelines certified. We focus on a solid technology-based project which is reliable and effective in working. Our Box making machine can make disposable moon cake boxes, dumpling boxes, freezing Box and many more. We ensure timely delivery of the product, which takes up to 45 days to reach the customer. The heating power of the machine is 35kW, and the working power is 40 MPA which matches the standards. Low cost, high-quality and efficient working capacity is the trademark of our extensive range of products. Our company’s success is directly dependent on the quality of the product we are offering. Some of our products, including plastic making machines, fast food

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Product News

Use Of Automated And Innovative Plastic Thermoforming Machines

plastic thermoformer, thermoforming machine The machines or equipment used for production of plastic must be of high quality and automated for the ease of production. The calibrated machines ensure standard and quality control system for the production. SKR Technology has automatic machines for production of plastic products in compliance with the quality. The plastic thermoformer machines helps in production of high quality plastic disposable boxes, tray bowls, fast food boxes, tableware etc. The products are made with help of vacuum forming machine with application of heat. This helps in the production of plastic boxes that take the pre-defined shape. Customization of the Shape of the Plastic Boxes and Products The thermoforming machine helps in customizing the shape of the boxes or the plastic products and hence used for food industry and food packaging. The plastic thermoformer helps in production of boxes of a desirable shape and it automated the process that helps in controlling the thickness of the plastic boxes. The machines are calibrated for producing products with 90% calcium carbonate. The quality is maintained and managed with help of quality system. The thermoforming machine ensures that all the products are assured of the quality. The plastic machinery ensure high and quality production ensuring products are strong and durable. Thermoforming machine | Thermoformer | Wpc | Extrusion machine | Pvc

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What is vacuum forming & how it works to save environment

Vacuum forming machine, Vacuum former, Plastic machinery Summary: The following article provides brief information about the vacuum forming and how it works to safe environment. It’s time to participate in saving our planet by reducing plastic trash and recycled them into practical materials. As we recognize, plastic trash turns into a huge hassle for all nations. This plastic fabric can’t be dwindled just like different substances; in truth, many people still relies upon with plastic bags and dump it everywhere. In recent times, there is one way to recycle plastic trash into other functional materials. Vacuum Forming is plastic recycle system that includes concrete shaping strategies. It’s far amusing, easy mastering that virtually can applied at domestic or at college interest, because the manner is easy and complete of know-how. There are some encouraged plastic kinds for Vacuum Forming; they’re inclusive of: Styrene plastic; which has matte colour and it’s clean to drape. In truth, it’s a chunk hard to be formed. It’s noticeably encouraged for beginners, because it heats up slowly, and store money additionally. ABS plastic; it is easy to shape, and without problems warmness up. There are some steps that you want to do in Vacuum Forming. 1. Placed the plastic in the body, via stretching it. You want to make it as stretch as viable so

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SKR Technology Offer Fine Range Plastic Making Machine

Pvc pipe making machines , Plastic making machine manufacturer Summary: The following press release provides brief information about SKR Technology which offer wide range of plastic making machines. SKR Technology has over 20 years of professional plastic machinery manufacturing experience. We have many exclusive products, including disposable fast food box machines, plastic profile extrusion lines, Pvc pipe making machines , and many more. In recent years, we have become the Chinese domestic market leaders and supply our ultimate products overseas in different countries. Our company is focused on solid fundamentals and advanced technology. Automated PVC machine lines are available in different varieties, including PVC one, two, four, and corrugated pipe machines. You can share your requirement and order them as per your requirements. Our working place has a team of experts who have years of experience in this industry. With the help of our workers, we can fulfil many orders and that too in scheduled time. We are a customer-focused professional company that provides OEM facilities to meet the customer’s needs. We have enough supply to meet the customer’s requirements, and our team keeps on focusing on doing better day by day. Our Plastic making machine is made up of high-quality material, and we offer competitive prices compared to others in the current market. Making a long-term relationship with our new and existing customers

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Pvc pipe making machine, Plastic extrusion machine, Plastic Machinery Manufacturer

SKR Technology is the leading Chinese Plastic machinery manufacturing company. We are manufacturing various industrial machines and providing top-quality machines for companies.

At SKR Technology, you will get the guaranteed support through a commitment to the lifetime care of the machines we are manufacturing, and you are buying.

Our range of machines includes:

Vacuum forming machine, Vacuum former, Plastic machinery, Box making machine, Plastic making machine, Granules machine, Plastic thermoformer, Thermoforming machine, Plastic food container, Thermoformer, Wpc, Single screw extruder, Plastic extruders, Extrusion machine, Plastic extrusion machine, Pvc extrusion, Extruder, Extruder machine, Twin screw extruder and Pvc pipe making machine made in China.

We invest heavily in assuming liability and being a solid accomplice for our clients, providers, and representatives. We generally stay faithful to our commitments.

Vacuum forming machine

Vacuum forming machines are upstroke machines that are designed with advanced tech. It is profoundly productive in their activities. Buy Vacuum forming machine in bulk as we are offering it in different abilities going.

They have straightforward and tough designs significant in expanding creation and working with simple support. Our ideal usefulness based scope of Vacuum Molding Presses is most popular for their:

  • Powerful vacuum frameworks that give a vacuum pull of 700 hg/2 seconds
  • Available with unique high-speed hydraulic units with a discretionary framework

  • Box making machine

    SKR Technology is the leading Box making machine manufacturer making machines in China. We are providing the best quality machine for making the box.

    Granules machine

    Do you want to buy the Granules machine in bulk? If yes! We have the best Granules machine made in china. Granules machine is a kind of machine to make granules from chemical materials. Granules machine is a sort of machine to make granules from synthetic materials. The granules are hemispherical in shape.

    Plastic Extruder Manufacturer

    SKR Technology is outstanding amongst other Plastic extruders Manufacturer in China. We have different sorts of the extruder for plastics expulsion, for example, Single screw extruder, Twin screw extruder, triple screw extruder and so on As indicated by your application and requirements, we can give you the best arrangement.

    Extrusion machine

    We rank on the top by assembling and trading the best nature of Extrusion machine, which is known for its amazing completion and quality.

    Our offered machine is broadly utilized in-home apparatus, synthetic industry, general product, material assembling unit, and so on. In addition, this machine is broadly known for its inflexible plan, long useful life, and low upkeep.

    Pvc pipe making machine

    Want to buy the Pvc pipe making machine in bulk? We are the Pvc pipe making machine manufacturer and exporter making machines for a pipe used in many industries.

    Why is SKR Technology the best manufacturers?


    We have a team of experts working and manufacturing the best quality machines for great production and client satisfaction.


    All our machines are well-known in the market for their durability.


    We are the only company manufacturing the machines using high tech technology and incorporating the high tech systems inside its working.