How can you connect PPR pipe and HDPE pipe?
How can you connect PPR pipe and HDPE pipe?

How do you connect PE pipe to PPR pipe? The specifications and models are identical for both pipes.

Hot melt should not be used to connect the PE pipe and PPR pipe. The PPR Female Adapter must be connected directly to the PPR Male Adapter.

The wall thickness of PE tubes is different to PP-R tubes. These requirements cannot be met by the bonding strength of both materials. After PE is introduced into the room with pp-r, the small diameter pipe is converted to steel and the larger pipe is made to flange. Cast iron pipe and steel pipes in the outdoor conversion, flange shafts with soft repair easily replaceable.

Hot melt is not allowed to be used to connect the PPR tube. To connect them, you can place a pipe joint in their middle.

Flange is the best method to connect, but small diameter pipes can be connected with toothed accessories to ensure strength and engineering quality.

Flange connection refers to attaching two fittings, tubes or equipment on a single flange. Next, add a flange pad to the two flanges. Finally, bolt the two tensions together making a removable joint.

Flange connection is used primarily for connecting cast iron pipe, rubber liner and non-ferrous metal pipes.

The connection between PE pipe and PPR pipes is reliable. PE pipes are connected using electric hot melt. The joint's strength is greater than that of the pipe body. PE tube is more resistant to impact than PPR tube. The low temperature embrittlement temperature for polyethylene is extremely low and can be used in temperatures between -60-60. The pipe will not crack during winter construction due to its high impact resistance. PE tube has a better stress cracking resist than PPR tube. HDPE is low in notch sensitivity, strong shear strength, excellent scratch resistance and excellent environmental stress cracking resistant. HDPE pipe is more resistant than PPR pipe to chemical corrosion. HDPE pipe can withstand a wide range of chemical medium corrosion and the soil won't cause any damage to the pipe. Polyethylene is an electric insulator. It will not decay, rust, or electrochemically corrosion.

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