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What's an Extruder? And Do We Really Need One?

What is an Extruder, and what are its benefits?

We must first understand what extrusion looks like before we can describe what an extruder does. Extrusion occurs when a material, such as rubber, dry powder, pellets, plastic, metal, bar stock, or food, is heated and pushed into a die. A die is basically an opening that allows the material to be shaped as it passes through the small opening. It is one of most commonly used methods to create sheets and strips of rubber, plastic, or stock metal.

An extruder, as its name implies, is simply a machine that's used to extrude the product. The machine heats the product and propels it through dies to create desired shapes.

What can an extruder be used for?

Extruders are able to shape various materials into a variety usable products. Food extruders are used for creating pre-formed snacks and breakfast cereals.

Pet food and treats are also made with food extruders. This is to ensure high quality and consistency in the food we give our furry friends. The Company's food extruders are versatile and can be used separately or together with a cook extruder.

A wide range of industries use catalyst extruders machines to produce catalysts. No matter what size your company needs, it doesn't matter if you need solid rods, small pellets, rings that aren't supported, or another type of catalyst.

Rubber bales can also extrude for a variety reasons. Extruders from rubber can extrude hydrogels. These can be used to make everything, from contact lens to replacement cartilage. The Company's rubber extruders can remove large, tacky bales without using talc or other special chemicals.

You can even use extrusion equipment to make the materials which keep your home's air and water clean. Vacuum extruders are used to make activated carbon. The extruder reduces the carbon's adsorptive property and prepares it to be used in various air and water purification processes. Our experts can demonstrate how the extrusion process works in our testing facility.

These are the most common extrusion types supported by The Company. However, other extrusion machine manufacturers may specialize in extruders to extrude other materials such as clay, aluminum, plastics and other metals. PVC pipe can be made using plastic extruders. Extrusion equipment comes in many forms and uses.

What Will Any Extruder Do for You?

Short answer: No. First, many extruders, even those that are technically extruders, are designed for personal use only and must be operated manually. However, industrial extruders are usually larger and more powerful. It all depends how big your business is and what the standards are in your industry.

As with all machinery, there are many types of industrial extruders. Each is made for a specific use or group of uses. Some extruders have a narrower function, such de-airing, pelletizing or dewatering the material.

Capacity is another distinguishing factor. A Terrier High Volume Production Extruder may be required by companies that need large batches or high capacity. Research and development firms would benefit from low-volume Lab Extruders that can produce small batches and test their products. Other companies may require a different solution.

The application, volume, shapes, and materials that you require will dictate what you need.

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