HDPE PPR Coil Pipe Extrusion Line

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HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line

HDPE pipes are mostly used in water supply systems. HDPE pipes are available in a variety of sizes and models.

PE Pipe production line

What is included in HDPE pipe production line?

SJ Series single screw extruder

SJ25/25 co-extruder

Extruder die

6/9m vacuum calibration tank

6/9m spray cooling tank

Haul-off machine

Planetary cutter


PE Pipe Production Line

How does HDPE Pipe Extrusion work?

PE Granules- Vacuum feeder - Hopper dryer. - Single screw Extruder – Color code extruder. - Mould & calibrator. - Vacuum forming Machine - Cooling Tank - Haul Off machine. - Cutting machine. - Discharging Rack/winder/coil Machine.

HDPE pipe extrusion line: Main features

1. It can be used for high-speed extrusion with PE, PP or other polyolefins pipes.

2. Due to its "European performance", customers are highly receptive to it.

3. PLC Smart modular allows for control of the entire equipment. The PLC smart modular can also be used to automate, record real-time data and control closed loops.

4. High output, high adaptability for various raw materials, high stability and good-quality extrusion are some of the benefits.

5. Reliable design, absorbing safe production technology, acquiring CE & ISO certification.

6.using internationally-famous brands of electric parts, such SIEMENS, ABB and CRYDOM.

Advantages of HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line

1. You can request different data from HDPE Extrusion Line to suit your needs.

2. Bi-metallic has designed the screw and barrel with a unique layout. It is used to ensure good plasticizing during high-speed rotation. The barrel can then achieve higher output and lower power consumption.

3. The integrated gravity gauging system used in the HDPE Extrusion Line can test and verify the quality of final pipes. It can reduce production costs and repair damaged pipes.

4. For making a vacuum tank or cooling tank, you will need stainless steel board SS304 of 3 mm to 5. The tanks are also designed to be simple in their pipe layouts and require low power consumption.

5. Pumping system for extrusion pipe is used to improve cooling, reduce the cooling tank's length, increase production and lower cost.

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