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HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line HDPE pipes are used primarily in water supply systems for municipal and building water, as well as outdoor and indoor buried water supply systems. They also serve as a part of residential communities. HDPE pipes can be made with ODs from 16 to 2000 mm and with different models. PE Pipe production line What are the components of a HDPE plastic pipe production plant? SJ series single screw extruder SJ25/25 co-extruder Extruder die 6/9m vacuum calibration tank 6/9m spray cooling tank Haul-off machine Planetary cutter Stacker. PE Pipe Production Line What is HDPE Pipe Extrusion? Vacuum feeding machine-Hopper dryer – PE granules - Single screw extruder-Color code extruder- Mould and calibration - Vacuum molding machine Cooling tank- Haul off/cutting machine – Discharging rack/winder/coil device The main features of HDPE pipe extrusion lines 1. It is suitable for high-speed extrusion of PE, PP and other polyolefin pipe high-speed extrusion. 2. Customers love it for its "European performance". 3. The PLC smart modular can control all equipment. Automated control, real time data record and closed-loop control are all possible. 4. These advantages include high output, adaptability to different raw materials and high stability, good-quality extrusion and so forth. 5. Uses reasonable design, absorbs safe producing technology, and acquiring CE & ISO certificates. 6.using famous brand electric parts such as SIEMENS and SCHNEIDER. Benefits of HDPE pipe extrusion lines 1. We can supply you with different HDPE Extrusion Line data as per your requirements and useful for HDPE Pipe such as different sizes, pressures, and different applications. 2. Bi-metallic is responsible for the design of screw and barrel. This allows for good plasticizing and high output. 3. Integral gravity gauging system is used in HDPE Extrusion Line. This can be used to test and control final pipes' quality. It can also reduce the cost of production and prevent damage. 4. To make a cooling tank or vacuum tank, use SS304 stainless steel board with 3 mm to 5 mm thick. All tanks have a simple pipe layout and are low in power consumption. 5. Pumping system is used to increase cooling effect, reduce cooling tank length, improve production effect, and lower costs for extrusion pipe die.
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