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What is an extruder? Does your company need one?

What is an extruder?

First, let's understand what extrusion is. When a material is heated and pushed through an extruder, it is usually rubber, pellets, dry powder, plastic, metal bars stock, or food. The die is basically a mold that shapes the material when it is forced through the small opening on the other side. This is one of the most popular ways to make sheets and strips from stock metal, plastic, and rubber.

An extruder simply refers to the machine that completes the extrusion process. The machine heats the product using a combination of barrels or cylinders. It then propels the product through the die to form the desired shape.

What is an extruder used for?

By shaping different materials, extruders can create many useful products. Food extruders are used to produce breakfast cereals and snack products that are nearly identical. They use controlled temperature and pressure to make the pieces we put into our bowls every morning.

Food extruders are used to make pet food and treats. This is because they ensure consistency and high quality meals for our furry friends. Food extruders from the Company can be used in a standalone application or combined with a cooking extruder to allow for unitized cooling and cooking.

Many industries use catalyst extruders to produce catalysts like high aluminas. No matter if your company needs tiny pellets, solid rods or unsupported rings, you can find it here.

Extrusion of rubber bales is possible for many purposes. Extruders made from rubber bales can also create extruded Hydrogels. These are used for everything, including contact lenses and replacement cartilage. The Company's rubber extruder can easily break down large, tacky bales with no special chemicals or talc.

Even extrusion equipment can be used to make the materials that purify the air and water inside our homes. Activated carbon is now created using vacuum extruders that were initially used by the clay industry to air their products. The extruder removes carbon from the air to improve its adsorptive qualities and prepares it for use in a variety of air- and water purification applications. Our extruder has worked with almost every base material, not only activated carbon. We can help you demonstrate how this extrusion process might work in your test facility.

These are the most popular types of extrusion that The Company supports, but other extrusion equipment makers may specialize in extruders for different materials such as plastics or clay, aluminum, or other metals. PVC pipe can be made with plastic extruders. You can see that there are many types of extrusion equipment available and the uses they have.

What Can Any Extruder Do?

No. First, extruders can only be used for personal, individual use. However, manufacturers will require larger and more advanced industrial extruders. It all depends upon the size of your operation, and the industry standards.

There are many industrial extruders, just like any other type, and each one has a specific purpose. Some extruders are also designed for a niche purpose, such as pelletizing, de-airing, or de-watering a material.

Another factor that differentiates is capacity. A Terrier High Volume Production Extruder (Terrier) is a good choice for large quantities and high production. A company that is specialized in research and development will probably be able to use low-volume Lab Extruders to produce and test their products in small batches. A different solution might be needed by another company.

The applications, volumes, shapes, and materials you require will determine what kind of product you need.

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