What’s an extruder and do we need one for our company?
What’s an extruder and do we need one for our company?

What Is an Extruder?

Before we can understand the extruder, it is important to know what extrusion means. A material such as pellets, rubber, powder, plastic, metal, bar stock, or food, is heated and forced through a die called extrusion. A die is simply a tool that shapes the material while it's being forced through a small opening on the opposite side. It is used to produce strips and sheets of stock metal, rubber and plastic shapes.

An extruder is the machine that performs the extrusion process. A system of barrels, cylinders, and heats up the product to make the desired shape. The machine propels it through a die to create that shape.

What's an Extruder Used for?

You can use extruders to make a variety of products from different materials. Extruders can be used to create a wide range of products, such as breakfast cereals or pre-formed snacks.

Pet food and treats can be made using food extruders to ensure consistency and quality.

Catalyst extruder machines can be used in many industries to create catalysts. These include high aluminas. gels. kaolin carriers. molecular sieves. Your company may require minute pellets, solid rods or unsupported rings, or any other type of catalyst configuration.

Extruding rubber bales for various purposes is also possible. Rubber extruders are able to extrude hydrogels from rubber bales. These can be used to make everything from contact lenses to replacement cartilage.

The extrusion equipment is used to produce the materials that keep our homes clean. The vacuum extruders were originally used by clay manufacturers to remove air from their products. They are now used for creating activated carbon. The extruder removes carbon from the air to improve its adsorptive capabilities and prepares it for use in many water purification and air-purification applications.

Extrusion equipment companies may also specialize in extruders for different materials like plastics, clays, aluminum, or other metals. PVC pipes can be made by extruders using plastic extruders. There are many uses for extrusion equipment.

Is There Any Extruder?

The short answer is no. First, most extruders are intended for personal, private use. They must be operated manually. For manufacturers, however, they will need larger, more sophisticated extruders. It all depends on your industry and the scale of your operation.

Like any other machinery, there is a variety of industrial extruders. Each one is designed for a specific purpose. Some are specifically designed to perform a niche function such as de-airing, dewatering or pelletizing.

Another important factor is the capacity. The Terrier High Volume Production Extruder is required for large batch production and maximum capacity. For small batch production and testing, an extruder that produces low volumes of products is ideal for a company that does research and development. An entirely different solution may be required by another company.

What you need will depend on what applications, volumes and shapes you are looking for.


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